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To Our Sponsors, Friends,  and Family,

Thank you for making this organization possible. Without you, we would not be able to do this. It is through your help that we as an organization have become one of the largest, most diverse organizations on campus. It is through your help that we are making an impact in our community. It is through your help that we are creating the Doctors of tomorrow.

Partners &

Empowering and helping your medical journey by providing you with resources from tutoring to MCAT prep courses.

Academic and  Test Prep

Clinical & Service
Partners and Sponsors

Empowering and helping your medical journey by giving access to clinical and volunteer programs.

Clincal &  Service

Food & Beverage
Sponsors and Partners

Empowering and helping your medical journey by fueling our community. Food and drink helps to bring life to our events.

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Food & Beverage

Words from our sponsors...

Altius MCAT Prep

Altius is also widely regarded as an MCAT prep company that engages in trying to achieve the best possible score for anyone who uses their services. But they also provide one-on-one tutoring for some of your toughest pre-requisites which include O-Chem, Biochem, Gen Chem, etc. as well as academic mentoring for all individuals. If interested, please visit to learn more about their services.


BeMo is a global leader in medical school admissions consulting.

BeMo is a medical school consulting program that targets you to achieve your dreams of entering a medical school. BeMo provides detailed MCAT Prep, Interview Prep, CASPer Prep, and even Secondary Application Assistance. If interested, please click here to view the discounts that are provided to AMSA members. 


Blueprint is known as an MCAT Prep company in which it is tailored to your schedule and how effective you want to study and prepare for the MCAT. They offer the likes of Live Online and Online courses, one-on-one tutoring with some of the best MCAT experts, and Practice Exams that correlate towards the AAMC’s actual exams. If interested, please contact us at

Go to for more information about MCAT preparation!


Students who put in the work with Kaplan raise their score by 15 points on average. And it’s no surprise because our MCAT prep is personalized to you—so not a minute goes to waste. See why more med students prepped for the MCAT with Kaplan than anyone else.

Email us at for a discount code from Kaplan!


MCAT-Prep is widely regarded as a resource in which you can purchase a wide range of MCAT books that are from the likes of Kaplan and Princeton. They also provide Online Prep courses, Free Guides, and Home Study MCAT Courses. If interested, please contact or click on the following links. hyperlink to

free MCAT practice test hyperlink to

Physics Equations List hyperlink to

MCAT practice tests hyperlink to to to learn more about their resources!


MedSchoolCoach mission is to provide pre-medical students the best amount of resources in order to succeed in getting into medical school. They have a huge portfolio of physicians all across the nation who have been in your shoes in applying and getting admitted to many of these schools. MedScoolCoach also provides MCAT Tutoring and Free Virtual Shadowing.


If interested, please register a free account on to access exclusive offers.

The Princeton Review

Princeton Review is known as a prep company geared to assist individuals with standardized testing and the MCAT is one of those exams. Princeton provides to our members MCAT live online courses, Princeton’s fine course workbooks along with their strong Practice MCAT Exam books all at a discounted rate. If interested, please contact us at


UWorld provides very reliable MCAT prep in order to assist your chances of getting a high MCAT score. They provide very high-quality MCAT digital flashcards, Practice Exams, and a large question bank that is designed to look identical to the actual exam. If interested, please contact us at


The Revolution in MCAT Prep Is Here!

The Wizeprep MCAT Elite 515 course is the only program where you pay based on your performance - guaranteed! Join personalized one on one events through the link on the left.

Momentum Education

Our mission is to provide learning experiences, mentorship, summer opportunities, scholarships, and individualized support to ensure first-generation, low-income students get to and through post-secondary education and into the workforce.


If interested, please contact us at

Ecela Logo.png
Spanish & Medicine by Ecela

Ecela is known as a study abroad program for pre-medical students in which they get to experience the world of Medicine in South America. This provides great opportunities to shadow and research medicine in a different part of the world and even learn Spanish along the way. If interested, please contact us at

VAW global.png
VAW Global Health Alliances

VAW Global Health Alliances partners with local professionals and community leaders to develop sustainable and equitable access to medical care. In the Medical Outreach program, interns learn about healthcare in a global context. Through shadowing local physicians, interns will also learn about disease diagnosis, treatment courses, clinic operations, and basic pharmacology.


If interested, please contact us at

COCO logo.png
COCO  (Coalition of  Community Organizations

COCO’s mission is to help facilitate the flow of information in order to educate, empower, and enhance the lives of individuals and families with the goal of helping them make informed decisions in an effort to obtain healthy and sustainable communities.  COCO’s Vision: The distribution of information to this generation of communities and the next.​

Our future goal is to become a powerbase within communities that is politically, economically, socially, academically, and spiritually strong to increase community involvement.

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