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Point Sheet

Every meeting and AMSA UH event a member attends will earn them points.


At the end of the semester, the top 3 members with the most points earn a shadowing position within the Medical Center, and may be given preference for an officer position.

Make sure to scroll down for the point sheet!

Points System

General Meetings 

50 pts



Donated Items 

25 pts/item

Volunteering Events 

-on-campus: 25 pts/hr off-campus: 100pts


on-campus: 50 pts off-campus: 100 pts

Professional Development 

on-campus: 50 pts off-campus: 100 pts

Bake Sales 

- 50 pts

Tagging @amsauh

5 pts (cap @ 15 tags)

AMSA Point Sheet

Points are updated weekly throughout the semester. You can also find your membership status through our calculator tool.

Search your PSID using Ctrl + F!

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